Awards 10.02.2023

Kirsty Kirby and Ladell Smith listed as GI.Biz Game Changers

We’re proud to see Lab42’s Studio Engagement Manager Kirsty Kirby and Auroch Digital’s Associate Social and Community Manager Ladell Smith recognised as GI.Biz Game Changers.

Run year-round by GI.Biz, the Game Changers series is made up of interviews which highlight those going the extra mile to make the games industry a better place – encompassing people from around the world helping to improve conditions and attitudes towards diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, mental health and more. 

Both Kirsty and Ladell caught up with GI.Biz about the work they’ve been doing in their studios and beyond to create a safer, more diverse, accessible and positive games industry.

Kirsty, whose listing featured information about her commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture, spoke about her passion for promoting growth at Lab42 through learning and knowledge sharing and the work she’s been doing to facilitate support for neurodivergent team members. On her work, she said: “Projects come and projects go, but the culture and the people are the constant.”. You can read her full interview here.

Ladell shared details of their work as a Diversity Champion as part of our inclusion and belonging initiative, Prism, and their commitment to diversity and equity in the wider industry including the recently launched They Play Podcast. They were also praised for the impact of their work after just over a year in industry, to which Ladell said: To be so new to the industry and to have already made such an impact is amazing.". You can read their full interview here.

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