Our Measures

Our focus will be on ensuring we are an attractive option for new talent, that we retain and support existing talent, that we open new pathways into the games industry and support charitable and community initiatives that matter to our people, clients and partners.

Inclusion and Belonging Committee

We will establish a Group Inclusion and Belonging Committee, to agree and deliver strategic objectives.


To motivate and inspire our people to support charities and increase the participation in volunteer days.

Sumo Group Evolve

Launch and successfully execute 'Sumo Group Evolve', providing free career development opportunities and equipping aspiring game developers with essential leadership skills.


Continue to partner with initiatives, projects and partners that share and align with our values so we can help make an impactful, measurable difference within Sumo and the Video Games Industry.

Sumo Academy

Publish a series of vlogs via a “Shadow Apprentice” to highlight the work of the Academy’s apprenticeship schemes.

Our Community Impact

We aim to inspire young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries through our outreach and engagement programmes

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Ahead Partnership

Continuing to develop meaningful programmes and initiatives that make an impact where we live, work and our skills base can be of use.

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Sumo Academy

Investing in our transformative initiatives for under-represented minorities & young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries.

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Our Chosen Charity Partners

We're pleased to support Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and SpecialEffect as our chosen charity partners again for 2024.