Our Targets

In 2023 our targets continue to focus on ensuring we are an attractive option for new talent, that we retain and support existing talent, and that we invest and support opening new pathways into the games industry. We're currently working on our 2024 targets which will be available in the coming weeks.

Agile Working

We will continue to look to increase our agile working options and implement process to constantly improve our agile working initiatives.

Inclusivity and Belonging

We aim to increase membership and awareness of our employee diversity group, Prism, which exists to promote inclusion, equity, equality and wellbeing across the Group.

Equality and Diversity

We will use our annual Sumo Census to capture the data required to continue to improve and equalise prospects for all our people alongside our commitment to showing improvement in diversity in recruitment and promotion.


Continue our work with external partnerships to improve the industry pipeline for underrepresented groups in games, help skill-up our people from marginalised communities and ensure games development is seen as a viable career option.

TIGA Star Accreditation

Retain and obtain accreditation of third party assessment of standard of care for our people across all Group businesses.

Sumo Academy

To continue to encourage more young people from diverse backgrounds to develop employable tech programming skills through Sumo Digital’s “Playbuffer”, a free, simple code programming framework.

Mission Gender Equity

Cross-company mentoring programme matching women from all levels of the career pyramid to mentors from another organization, 10 mentors and 10 mentees are participating in the 2023 programme.

Our Community Impact

We aim to inspire young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries through our outreach and engagement programmes

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Ahead Partnership

Continuing to develop meaningful programmes and initiatives that make an impact where we live, work and our skills base can be of use.

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Sumo Academy

Investing in our transformative initiatives for under-represented minorities & young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries.

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Our Chosen Charity Partners

We've officially announced GamesAid, Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and SpecialEffect as our chosen charity partners again for 2023.