Our Targets

Our targets for 2021 are focused on ensuring we continue to be an attractive option for new talent, and that we retain and support existing talent whilst we continually look at ways of widening the pool of potential recruits.

Benefits and rewards programme

We have implemented a flexible benefits programme and an increased reward scheme for our people.

Flexible working options

We are committed to continued support and increased options available to our people around where they work.

TIGA Star Accreditation

Third party assessment of standard of care for our people.

Diversity and Inclusivity

A diverse workforce is proven to create a more inclusive, creative and profitable work place, we are committed to showing improvement in diversity in recruitment and promotion.

30% Club

Cross-company mentoring programme matching women from all levels of the career pyramid to mentors from another organization, nine mentors and nine mentees participated through 2020/21.

Sumo Academy

To encourage more young people from diverse backgrounds to develop employable tech programming skills through Sumo Digital’s “Playbuffer”, a free, simple code programming framework.

Charitable Outreach

We will continue to support and donate to various charities that encourage creativity, and we aim to use our own reach to amplify fantastic initiatives across our industries.

Our Community Impact

We aim to inspire young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries through our outreach and engagement programmes

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Ahead Partnership

Continuing to develop meaningful programmes and initiatives that make an impact where we live, work and our skills base can be of use.

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Sumo Academy

Investing in our transformative initiatives for under-represented minorities & young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries.

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Giving our people and studios the opportunity to engage in causes that matter.