ESG 31.10.2023

Playing for the Planet releases new carbon report

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working with Playing for the Planet, the Carbon Trust and the wider games industry to untangle the carbon consequence of video games.

In a new, practical guide to climate action in the games industry, Playing for the Planet provide information to broaden people’s understanding of carbon and give insights into how businesses in the industry can reduce their emissions.

The report is available to view here:

Steven Webb, ESG Director at Sumo Group, said: “Sumo Group is proud to be a member of the industry alliance “Playing for the Planet” and to support the alliance’s aim of reducing the environmental impact of the video games industry.

“We are pleased to have had the opportunity to give input to its production providing the perspective of a predominantly work-for-hire studio and believe that the practical guide on climate action and carbon emissions released today will be hugely valuable for everyone in our industry.”

In addition, Playing for the Planet is hosting a free webinar explaining the report on the 21st of November at 5pm GMT/5pm CET/9am PST which you can sign up for here.

Playing for the Planet is an Alliance that supports the video games industry to take action to reduce its environmental impact. In joining the Alliance, gaming studios and trade associations have made specific and measurable commitments ranging from reducing carbon emissions, integrating green activations in games, and supporting the global environmental agenda.


More information on ESG at Sumo Group can be found here.