ESG 20.11.2023

Sumo Group partners with Mission Gender Equity

Following a fantastic pilot year in 2023, Sumo Group is delighted to be continuing its partnership with Mission Gender Equity and to welcome its 2024 cohort.

As the world’s largest cross-company mentoring programme as part of the 30% Club campaign, Mission Gender Equity builds the pipeline and representation of women in leadership roles.

2023 saw 10 pairs of mentors/mentees enrolling in the programme, and we’re proud to have seen our people not only mentor, empower and contribute to the careers of women outside of Sumo, but to have seen them grow under the guidance and advice of mentors.

Ash Liguori, Lead Marketing Manager at Auroch Digital and a mentee on the 2023 cohort, said:
"To say I was impressed with my first-ever experience of being mentored is down-playing it. I was blown away by it. I would encourage anyone to be mentored by my mentor, and I am going to be having a catch-up with him a few months after the programme closed. It's also given me the confidence to see that I do have something to give.”

Christina Haralambous, Group Director of Communications & Marketing at Sumo Group and a mentor on the 2023 cohort, said:
"Being a Mission Gender Equity mentor gives you so much - not only did I experience the joy of seeing first-hand my mentee progress and grow, but I also enjoyed developing and practicing my own leadership and communication skills, while learning too. It was an all-round rewarding experience, and I'm energised for the 9 months ahead."

This year’s cohort has now been matched with their respective mentors/mentees and we can’t wait to follow their journey!

Mission Gender Equity is just one of the initiatives Sumo is proud to partner with as it continues its journey to create a safe, more diverse and inclusive games industry for all. Other partners include Limit Break, Code Coven, Women in Games and the Ahead Partnership.