Games 16.11.2023

Loddlenaut helps raise funds for charity after launch on PC & Mac

Secret Mode, Sumo Group’s publishing division, and developer Moon Lagoon has today launched Loddlenaut on PC and Mac.

Loddlenaut has players dive deep into the underwater world of GUP-14, where they must clean up after an intergalactic megacorporation and its polluting ways. On their quest for cleanliness, players will meet, feed, and care for axolotl-like creatures known as ‘loddles’, helping them grow and evolve into special new forms.

Also announced this week, Secret Mode will donate 0.05GBP per sale of Loddlenaut to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), which is the publisher’s chosen charity partner for 2023. More information about the WDC and the work that they do can be found here.

Loddlenaut is available to buy now on Steam PC and Mac.