EDI 09.05.2022

Sumo Group shares its Mental Health Awareness Week activity

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Sumo Group is inviting its people to share their stories and experiences around the Mental Health Foundation’s theme of ‘Loneliness’ – something we have likely all experienced at some point in our lives, especially over the last two years.

The Group is sharing a week of activity reflecting, actioning and looking ahead as part of its commitment to being a workplace where no one feels alone. A collection of resources and assets to support everyone with their mental health and wellbeing can always be found on Sumo Group’s internal learning platform Dojo, and will be highlighted this week to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

“Even when you have surrounded yourself with people, you can still feel alone. It feels like a fog, just like fog it can be dangerous if you don't have the right tools.”

Reflecting on loneliness

We asked our people what loneliness meant to them and asked them to share their experiences of feeling isolated. We’re proud of everyone who shared their stories and encouraging others to come forward and be more open about mental health directly impacted by feeling alone. Look out for our people on social media channels in the coming days as they discuss their journeys.

“Making friends with other members of the Sumo family has helped, going to skate nights, basketball sessions, and walks around the peaks!”

Making changes to beat loneliness 

Whether it be offering our people around-the-clock IT support when their tech is stressing them, ensuring they’re able to work from the place they feel most comfortable, offering our managers mental health training to empower them to have confident conversations about mental health with their team, or providing training for our people to become Mental Health First Aiders – we’re passionate about ensuring our people have the support they need, when they need it.

Since the introduction of hybrid and remote working, Sumo Group studios around the world have created pockets of socialising for their people – allowing those with similar interests to connect and make friends. We’re delighted to see these continuing as we head onto our #FutureOfWork journey.

"The other person doesn’t have to know what to say or always have a solution – just listening and showing empathy can really help."

Helping those who need it

Sumo Group is incredibly proud to be home to teams who are so kind, compassionate and empathetic – many of whom get involved in charity work both through their Learning Days and in their own time. We’ll be sharing some of the mental health and wellbeing charities close to the hearts of our people.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re also celebrating one year of being part of the Safe in Our World Level Up Mental Health Initiative and have reflected on all the changes we’ve made during that time.

Sumo Group aims to be a place where no one feels alone and we’d like to thank all of our people for continuing with us on this journey.