News 31.10.2022

5 things you need to know about Auroch Digital

Bristol-based Auroch Digital are pros in making wholesome games guaranteed to make you think about the world around us – but who are the teams behind the games? 

Whether they’re playing board game tournaments, exploring space travel or collaborating with breweries – this studio sees personality, team spirit and talent perfectly in balance. 

Here are five things you need to know about Auroch Digital. 

Never bored of board games 

The Auroch Digital team are huge fans of board games, role-playing games and tabletop games and love nothing more than getting together for socials at local boardgame cafes, playing DnD and painting miniatures together.  

Friends in high spaces 

As part of its Space Agency Management title, Mars Horizon, Auroch Digital has had the opportunity to consult with space experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the UK Space Agency to make sure the fine details of the game were correct and that it reflected the experience of managing the space travel process. The studio has also had two astronauts play and talk about the game, including legendary British astronaut Tim Peake and Dr Sian Proctor, who was part of the First Civilian Mission to Space! 

Based in Bristol, operating from everywhere 

Whilst the studio was founded and is based in Bristol, it offers a remote-first approach to working. The majority of the Auroch Digital team work from home with in-person meetups being saved for fun, collaboration and celebrations. When they aren’t meeting up in person, the studio is keen to make sure everyone feels part of the team by hosting regular online meet-ups for reading clubs and game nights. 

Experts in real-world ideas 

Auroch Digital games are connected to the real world, and the studio works closely with real-life experts to capture their experiences accurately for players to enjoy. Whether it’s working with astronauts for Mars Horizon, with aquariums and Sealife professionals for Megaquarium or with breweries to bring the experience of Brewmaster authentically to life (and to collaborate on a limited edition beer, of course). 

A studio of animal lovers 

Auroch Digital is a studio of animal lovers, so much so that its logo is of an Aurochs (a type of prehistoric cow). The team are constantly snapping and sharing pictures of their beloved pets and the studio’s company mascot is Coco the Sausage Dog – who you might see popping up on the Auroch Digital social media channels from time to time 

Auroch Digital is a studio at the forefront of diversity in the games industry and is constantly working to create the most inclusive, welcoming and friendly environment for all to feel safe.

If Auroch Digital sounds like your dream place to work, why not check out their available roles or submit your CV on the Careers Page.