ESG 22.04.2022

Sumo Group introduces its Climate Champions for Earth Day 2022

For us to continue to reduce our environmental impact it is going to take lots of small actions that everyone can get on board with.

Meet Sumo Group’s Climate Champions – passionate individuals from the Group’s studios and businesses that are helping to instigate changes that will work for their people & their workspaces as the Group strive to achieve its goal of becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2030.

Ruth Caulcott-Cooper, Senior Programmer - The Chinese Room
Ruth’s role as Climate Champion will see her working with her colleagues at Brighton-based The Chinese Room. On why she became a Climate Champion, she said: “We cannot leave a legacy of plastic and crumbling society for future generations. Everything we can do now, will help thousands in the future. An individual may be able to do a small amount to help battle climate change, but an organisation can do a lot.”

Alice Liguori, Marketing Manager & Tomas Rawlings, Studio Director – Auroch Digital
Alice and Tomas will be working with their team at Bristol-based Auroch Digital, and those working remotely, to make a difference. On becoming a Climate Champion, Alice said: “I've been vegan for 6+ years, initially for animal welfare reasons, but after learning more about animal agriculture and its effects on global warming, I soon became very interested in the different ways we can make a more positive and green impact on the world. I became a Climate Champion because I wanted to be an active participant in Sumo Group's quest to become greener, to help guide what we should be looking at, and to act on those points.”

James Megretton, Senior Marketing Executive - Sumo Group 
James will represent Sumo Group’s Central Services departments, including Marketing, HR, Recruitment and Learning & Development. He said: “I became a Climate Champion because I genuinely care about not just tomorrow, but the next day and the day after that and the day after that. It's not something that just ends with us but rather begins with us. Whilst I'm not a radical activist, there are many things in our day to day we take for granted that can be changed with ease and it's those steps that I try to take and hope I can impart on others too.”

Rob Hancock, Video Editor - Sumo Group 
Joining James at Sumo Group, Rob is passionate about ensuring our digital process leaves a small as possible carbon footprint. He said: “I think that working in any tech related company means that we have an obligation to be a bit more forward-thinking with regards to how our work can impact the environment, and what we can do to help. I'm also interested in digital sustainability, particularly in web design and - from a selfish perspective - find it to be a really interesting creative challenge!”

Polly Ord, Sourcing Specialist - Sumo Group 
Also looking after colleagues in Central Services, Polly is an advocate for the planet and spends much of her free time volunteering for environmental charities to create a greener planet. She said: “I've cared about the planet for so many years, and I've been a Surfers Against Sewage Rep for the past year. When the chance came up to be a Climate Champion, and to be able to encourage change within our company, I jumped at the chance! Everyone on this planet is affected by Climate Change. The UK is fortunate to be one of the least affected countries so far, but it's so important for us to think of the countries that Climate Change is currently hitting hard, and it will be us next. As Sumo values family so much, it's critical we make changes to save the planet for the next generation."

Stewart James, IT Security Operations Engineer - Sumo Sheffield 
Stewart’s role as Climate Champion will see him working with teams at Sumo Sheffield – the largest Sumo Digital studio – to make meaningful changes for a more sustainable tomorrow. He wants to not only make a difference but educate himself and others in the process. He said: “I want to educate myself on how I can do better in my own life, as well as help the studio be as green as it can be.”

Niel Bushnell, Senior Cinematic Artist - Atomhawk 
Niel will be representing Atomhawk’s two UK studios – Gateshead and Leamington – as a Climate Champion. He said: “I volunteered because I’m keen to learn more about how we can make small differences to contribute to the studio's climate goals.”

Holly Taylor-Parnell, Office Administrator - Lab42 
Being the environment advocate for Leamington-based Lab42, Holly will be making the most of her role in Office Administrator to encourage small changes to make a big difference. She said: “I’m very passionate about wildlife, nature and conservation and feel I can make a valuable change, not just to my own studio, but working together as part of this exciting initiative within Sumo. I am that annoying colleague pulling everyone’s recycling out of general waste and harassing you to switch off your electronics!

Matthew Pellett, PR & Communications Manager – Secret Mode 
Working with his colleagues at publisher Secret Mode, Matthew will be encouraging teams – in-studio or remote – to do their bit for the planet. He said: “It's easy to look at the news and be quite overwhelmed by the future we're all facing, but it's also true that we're not helpless and can each contribute to bettering the planet in meaningful ways - and live better lives as a result. When my son is grown up I want him to know we've had a positive impact on the planet, and that we've not just sat on the sidelines expecting others to act responsibly on our behalf.” 

Alongside the Climate Champions, Sumo Group took a significant first step in 2021 purchasing carbon offsets equivalent to the approximate total emissions of all its UK businesses for 2020 and has partnered with Ark2030 to support major eco-restoration projects around the world. The Group will also be participating in a “Couch to Carbon Zero sprint” in May, with more initiatives and partnerships to be announced in the coming weeks.

Further information on Sumo Group’s Environmental Impact can be found here.