News 30.08.2022

5 things you need to know about Atomhawk

Behind every great game release, you’ll find an array of fascinating digital artwork that has helped inspire memorable locations, characters, and concepts.

Here at Atomhawk, we work with industry-leading partners and help shape the gaming worlds of tomorrow – bringing immersive artwork to popular entertainment industries on a global scale.

But perhaps you haven’t heard of us before, maybe you’re wondering “what is Atomhawk and what do they do?” – or maybe you’ve seen some of our work and are intrigued to find out more.

Here are five things you need to know about Atomhawk, looking at the incredible projects that we’ve been part of, and why we should be on your radar.

We’ve worked with big names

Since the beginning of our journey in 2009, we’ve been one of the leading studios for digital art, and that has been proven with some of the big names that we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. You’ll have no doubt heard of some of the projects on which Atomhawk has worked on – from motion graphics and concept art on Warner Bros’ Mortal Kombat 11 to the marketing art for Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 4.

We’re here to help budding artists

Not only do we create amazing digital artwork for major clients worldwide, we also help fellow artists, hobbyists and our community learn new skills and brush up on their techniques through a series of handy tutorials in multiple media forms. Did you know that in January 2022 we launched StudioQuest – a six-part series of videos taking you through the role of a studio concept artist – as part of ArtStation Learning‘s growing catalogue of resources.

Always looking for fresh talent!

We have three studios filled with fantastic, talented teams delivering some of the best digital artwork around, but there’s always room for more!

Atomhawk regularly has a number of positions available across its studios in the UK and Vancouver, Canada – from producers to concept and character artists. If you don’t see any vacancies available at the time of reading this, don’t fret, as you can leave your resume with us to be considered for future roles.

Breaking technical art boundaries

For the past year, we’ve been revolutionising the future of concept art with our new Technical Art Studio, Atomhawk Advance. Based in the UK, the newest studio focuses on art-related challenges faced by clients within game engines, including Unreal, Unity and proprietary systems.

The Technical Art Studio is led by Nader Alikhani, former Creative Development Director at Atomhawk Vancouver, who is joined by senior hires Paolo Parrucci (UI/UX Director) and Liam Fleming (Technical Art Director).

Friendly competition

If you’re an up-and-coming digital artist and want to flaunt your portfolio, you’ll definitely want to get involved with this. Each year, we host our own art competition, including its own theme to inspire you to create your own artwork to share with the world. From hundreds of entrants, we pick a handful of the top pieces of artwork with each winner receiving some incredible artist goodies.

From fantasy and modern artworks to futuristic and surreal, we’ve had a great selection of entries over the last few years – and we can’t wait to see what our latest entrants have to offer.

Want to learn even more about us? Head over to the Atomhawk website now!